Contamination Control

HVL extensive range of Particulate and Desiccant Breathers are designed to prevent particulate and moisture contamination entering compartments offering protection to gear cases, hydraulic reservoirs and storage compartments from contamination ingress which causes fluid degradation and has proven to accelerate component wear. Our broad range of Breathers be applied to almost any hydrocarbon or chemical application.
Sample Points
Extensive range of high- and low-pressure sample points for safe accurate and efficient sampling of hydrocarbons from high pressure hydraulic systems, fuels systems through to heavy gear oils.
Fuel Nozzles Receivers Shut off systems and Flush Face Couplings
A comprehensive range of High Flow Fuel Nozzles, Receiver’s, Shutoff valves, Oil and Grease Hose Couplings provides safe and efficient transfer all hydrocarbons while protecting against contamination ingress.

Filtration of hydrocarbons has demonstrated significant increases the life of hydrocarbons and lubricated components while reducing the impact to the environment. Our Filtration products include:

  • Filter buggies for kidney loop filtration,
  • On-board, Inline and bypass filtration systems,
  • Replacement filter elements for existing systems
  • High viscosity gear oil filtration
  • Diesel full flow filtration and kidney loop filter polishing
  • Grease filters and strainers for auto systems and delivery tanks.
HVL can design, install and service systems which will assist your operation through reduced maintenance costs with proven returns on investments.
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