Single-Point Automatic Lubricators

Single-point lubricators offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to lubrication applications where continuous grease purge is required, for lubrication of difficult-to-reach applications, or to overcome labour shortages of lubrication maintenance.

Advantages of our single-point lubricators include:
  • Cost-effective to increase reliability of difficult to lubricate applications
  • Corrosion, dust, vibration and moisture-resistant housing for harsh environments
  • Custom filled with a broad range of greases and oils
  • Electric or gas-powered depending on the application
  • Proven performance by operating in a wide range of tough industrial and mining conditions
  • Remote mounting for ease of access


Easy Lube

Easylube electrically driven single-point lubricators available in 3 sizes: 60,150 and 250ml

Sima Lube

Simalube inert gas-power single-point lubricators available in 4 sizes: 15, 30, 60, 125ml

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