Our comprehensive lubricant range enables us to offer hard-working solutions to meet the toughest operating and environmental demands, while simultaneously reducing your hydrocarbon footprint and cost of ownership.

Complete Solutions

We offer a broad range of specialised lubricants for challenging lubrication requirements, environmentally sensitive applications, or where accidental contact with food poses a risk. Our comprehensive range of lubricants includes, but is not limited to:

  • Anti-seize compounds and pastes
  • Anti-leak speciality lubricants
  • Ball and kiln mill open gear compounds
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Chain lubricants
  • BE2570 Slide and Cam and BE Monighan dragline cam lubricants
  • Drill thread breakout lubricants
  • Food-grade lubricants
  • Heavy gear oils
  • High load carrying greases
  • High temperature greases
  • Heavy duty mineral gear oils
  • High performance synthetic gear oils
  • Long life engine oils
  • Open gear lubricants for dragline and electric face shovels
  • Mill and kiln open gear lubricants
  • Rope lubricants
  • Synthetic compressor lubricants
  • Tacky open gear lubricants for exposed gears in dusty or wet environments
  • Waterproof greases.
Quality In-Field Service

Our cost-effective lubricants are supported by a highly skilled technical and in-field service team, and have been formulated to consistently deliver outstanding value:

  • Reduced consumption
  • Maximum component life
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced carbon footprint
Reliable 24/7 Support

All products are also supported by a dedicated and responsive in-house team that is ready and waiting to help you with:

  • Bulk delivery 24hr / 7 days a week
  • Application adjustments
  • Lubricant selection and consolidation
  • In-house service and repairs to lube systems.
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